I Do That I Do – The 6th house in Astrology

6th house astrologyThe 6th house in the horoscope represents your daily chores, or what should be the routine part of life. Under the 6th house we find your health, daily work, mundane chores, and your perception of details. What needs be done before you can experience what your preferences.

The 6th house is the last house of the lower hemisphere, the final step in personal development. In it you perfect taking care of yourself, the world, you cut down on waist, and learn to improve your energy expenditure. It also suggests that you Must cooperate with others, via serving them, or working with them to serve those in need.

The 6th house in the horoscope is the house of learning how Serve, how to use our energy wisely. We find health issues in this house, since many of them relate to energy imbalances created in this or previous lives. We find work matters, not your career (10th house), but the actual work, or service you grant to others in your daily tasks. We also find the hygiene issues: how do you keep yourself up, how do you keep your surroundings, all these are 6th house issues.   

The 6th house gives you fine skills: attention to detail, healing, technological understanding, service abilities.  The 6th house is so important that it holds a key to so many issues in your life. Its adverse side can show how you can get lost in life easily: hypochondria, unorderliness, forgetfulness, missing out on the small fine prints.

The sixth house can help you achieve all the goals represented by the other houses, provided you are willing to “do the right” thing, and give room to some modesty, and unpretentious in your life.

The 6th house is the real house of meditation, where you learn how to practice daily (even if you don’t feel like it), how to work hard for small results (in the beginning), and how to see yourself and others as they really are.


Planets in the sixth house in the horoscope:

Sun in the 6th  house: You have great attention to details, and service is very important to you, so important that you don’t understand other people that are not valuing this as much as you do. You enjoy keeping a diet, and a healthy life. You seek perfection, and can be critical of other people who are not as aware as you are.

The soul is looking to either heal a health issue from a previous life, or learn how to use energy wisely. It always shows for a need in humility.

Moon in the 6th house: You love to be at work. You feel comfortable when there is an endless list of things that need to be done. On the other hand it is very hard for you to relax and enjoy, because you wait for the world to be perfect, something that cannot be achieved. Your mothering skills are good, and many come to you to be nurtured.

The soul has great service skills and some humility it would like to share and cooperate with others.

Mercury in the 6th house: Your work will involve communication with others. You must learn modesty and how to communicate with everybody, and or to cooperate in spreading messages.  You like order and can follow routine.

The soul has fine discrimination skills it would like to share with others.

sixth house astrology

Venus in the 6th house: You enjoy working, the best customer service employee that can be found. You care about your co-workers, you care about doing a good job. Please note that not everybody is as clean and as tidy as you are and exercise patience.

The soul would like to enjoy it service skills, and/or a life of helping a special someone who is seek.

Mars in the 6th house: You are a workaholic, always fixing something, always on your way to fulfill a task. You are good with tools, machinery, and any technology. You have a high pace, and can be short tempered with others that cannot keep up with you.

Jupiter in the 6th house: It is important to you to feel significant at work. This is as humble a Jupiter as we can find anywhere. Love your routine, can take too much responsibility on yourself. Good with technology, and adapt quickly to new innovations. Please make sure to excess in food (both ways either too much or too little), and the same for workouts routines and meditations.

The soul is enjoying performing at work, excelling in one area.

Saturn in the 6th house: You consider health a personal crusade, and will go through hard exercise routines, diets, and any method that will make you feel like you are safe from harm. Make sure to remember that not everybody is as susceptible as you are to germs. You work hard, many times you will feel unappreciated, but if you manage to stick around you will get your dues, a few years after all the rest.

The soul is learning how to take care of the body, how to follow routine, and how to ultimately do the right thing while being humble about it.

Uranus in the 6th house: You are good with electricity, and with high tech skills. You get bored quickly, and need a very flexible routine in which you have a say. You can finish your tasks 2 hours before everybody else, but don’t snub them. You will thrive in an unusual job. You will change jobs frequently. Also, if you are seek, the doctors will find it hard to diagnose you.

The soul seeks to bring new techniques to the everyday world.

Neptune in the 6th house: You have to find a job in which you take care of the unfortunate, otherwise, you will just drift into your own world, and miss out on your tasks. You dream of the perfect world, but find it hard to put some order in your life. You could be prone to health issues, many of them are nerves related or epidemics. You Must learn how to protect yourself energetically.

The soul would like to put some warmth and caring into the mundane.

Pluto in the 6th house: You enjoy jobs that are “on the edge” either for real, or psychologically. Your life will change due to a health issue which will make you reflect on your self-maintenance habits. You have a very good memory, good eye for the details, and can be quite critical. Please try to not obsess about order.

The soul is learning how to serve humbly.


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