I am a Partner – The 7th house in Astrology

seventh house astrologyThe 7th house in the horoscope represents your contacts with special others. Usually is it the house of marriage since we are closest to our spouses, but this house also indicates how you partner with any other chosen person in your life such as business partners, and sometimes even close friends whom you share your life with.

The 7th house is the first house of the upper hemisphere, the first step in universal development. In it you learn that you are not alone, that you must get along with others, not two who become one (8th house), but two equals finding the common ground and enriching the live of one another.

The 7th house in the horoscope is the house of the counselors, here you enjoy listening to other people, looking into their lives, their issues, and helping them.

The 7th house is where we find the other: how we influence another, how he/she influences us. We are looking for our mirror, our equal, our Chosen other. Having planets in the 7th house does not automatically promise a good steady relationship, in fact, I have found that an empty 7th house is the best indicator for marriage. Planets like to seek, and in the 7th house people may keep on seeking the perfect someone who doesn’t exist.

The 7th house is a practical house, in it we will see what people are looking for in their relationships: it could be love, it could be sexual, it could be safety, it could be status, it could be freedom (from other oppressing factors in life), it could be a partner to have children with, the possibilities are endless but in all of them you do find yourself living your life with someone else, and trying to make the best of it. The 7th house is not a house of sex (8th house and 5th house), it is the house of the agreements. I agree to give you something, and you will give me something in return, and most good marriages are those that both partners agree on the give/take relationship beyond the fuzzy wazzy love.

In reincarnation terms, this house magnifies the fact that we do have a choice in our relationship, karma may have brought us together, but how we respond to that karma is entirely up to us. We can go on fighting, we can transcend and heal, and we can simply enjoy our lives together.


Planets in the seventh house in the horoscope:

Sun in the 7th  house: You don’t like being alone. You prefer to always talk to someone, take interest in their lives, you enjoy listening and counseling others and you can be a good lawyer. You will commit to a relationship after checking and re-checking, since this is so important to you, you will not compromise. You would like a partner that you can be proud of, someone with presence and charisma.

The soul is looking to learn how to be equal in a love relationship, how to find its place among special chosen others.

Moon in the 7th house: You find it easy to be in a relationship, I have seen many with this moon who got married very young. You are looking for a spouse that will take care of you, and one of your challenges will be to grow up and be in a relationship of two adults, and not a parent/child type of coupling. You are influenced easily by the moods of people around you. You love to talk, and can give great emotional insight to those you love.

The soul is comfortable in relationships.

Mercury in the 7th house: You love variety in your close relationships, you want your partner to be knowledgeable, trendy, interesting, and you love to talk.

The soul wants to interact with others, enjoy their stories.

7th house astrology
Venus in the 7th house: You know how to behave according to where you are. You take your partnerships seriously, and will only enter real love relationships that have a lot of attraction in them. You have the best ability to nurture your partner, to be there for them. You are looking for a good looking partner, someone who doesn’t take anything for granted

The soul is an expert in relationships; it wants to find that special someone who deserves all this giving.

Mars in the 7th house: You are a looking for an active partner. Someone who will initiate, who will awaken your own drive. You want nonstop action in your relationship, constant flame.

The soul is looking to learn how to act together.

Jupiter in the 7th house: You have big expectations from your partner, and you can easily form relationships, since the other sex find you attractive. You must be in a relationship that gives you freedom and is based on trust, where you can come and go as you please, you prefer to be with someone without the full commitment.

The soul would like to be enriched philosophically, and culturally via a close relationship..

Saturn in the 7th house: You take relationships hard. You will either marry very young or very old, and in many cases it will be to someone who is older/younger than you. You look for a partner that will be the boss, that will set the rules and with this placement you must learn to be equal and the sooner the better. It is best for you to learn to be your spouses’ friend and not fall into a mom/dad relationship.

The soul is re-living a relationship/s with the aim of adjusting imbalances with special someone.

Uranus in the 7th house: You are looking for a unique partner. He/she has to be unusual. It will be hard for you to commit, and you will not settle down to a relationship without excitement.

The soul seeks to bring new techniques to the everyday world.

Neptune in the 7th house: You idealize your partner to the point that you prefer to keep the dream of a perfect mate, and not deal with a real human being sharing their life with you. it is easy to fool you in relationships, so be careful to check the credentials of your loved one. You will experience much disillusionment. You look for someone who will take care of you, ending up with taking care of them. You could have a great loving relationship in which you experience divine unconditional love when you find the right person.

The soul would like to share unconditional love.

Pluto in the 7th house: You must find balance in your relationship, and therefore you will attract to you uneven relationships with power struggles. You will be the oppressor and the victim, until you learn that nurturing each other is the best way to go. You will be transformed through your partnerships. You like to be needed, you can listen well, being popular is important to you. you could find and be a with a soul mate.

The soul is clearing relationship karma to get to balanced relationship.

4 thoughts on “I am a Partner – The 7th house in Astrology”

    • When the 7th house is empty, you look for the ruler of the house and check its position (if the house starts in Leo you look for the Sun, if in Taurus or Libra you look for Venus, if in Sagittarius or Pisces you look for Jupiter….
      If the ruler is in a good place and has good aspects, there will be a good marriage.
      You also check the position of Venus and the Moon to see the type of relationship you attract to you.
      Overall, an empty house usually means that there is LESS trouble in that area, since you do not need to make an extra effort there, or you do not make too much of an effort that sometimes makes it harder to get what the house promises.

    • It means that you could be a great astrologer :). or a lawyer.
      7th house is about being very interested in other people, with Scorpio it means that you are continually looking into other people’s motivations, and feelings.


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