I am Intimate – The 8th house in Astrology

8th house astrologyThe 8th house in the horoscope represents your intimacy with yourself and with special others. Intimacy is probably the most challenging and sought after feeling in our society. In the 8th house you get to know yourself deeply, on the feeling level (unlike the 1st house highlights outer activity). To this house you Invite special other people and get to know them, and therefore yourself, on your deepest levels, and yes, in this way you do clear out old karma.

In traditional astrology this is the house of secrets. It rules sex, other people’s money, taxes, debts, loss, and death. It’s the house that intrigue us, frighten us, and bewilder us since we cannot put into words the experiences that are represented in this house.

The key to this house is to remember that part of life is going through hardships; they cannot and should not be avoided. Many people feel shattered when dealing with 8 house issues, getting to know the limitations of the self, and the existence of other greater forces. An honest living of the 8th house can make anyone a very strong person, one who can contribute to the world at large, without asking for anything in return.

The 8th house in the horoscope is still in the realm on the houses that deal with others. The difference between the 7th and the 8th is that in the 7th house relationships are agreed upon, and are forged like a contract, looking for harmony. In the 8th house there is power involved, primal feelings are aroused: desire, anger, ecstasy, insecurity, or greed. Others enter this house via sex, bank accounts, or just finding out how to push us around through rousing our fears.  

The 8h house is the house that reminds us that death is a part of life. When a planet transits the 8th we think of death, someone we know might pass away, we are reminded of our fragility, and impermanence. In this house Metaphysics, Psychology, Astrology, witchcraft and all the other para and meta sciences find their domain.

Yet, the key to the 8th house is the power to let go, after you have pulled all your resources to get something, you become one with your desire, and then after all that you realize the highest power – the power of acceptance.

In reincarnation terms, this is the house that connects you to all your other identities, those unreasonable fears that you don’t know their origin, those insights and knowledge that comes out of the blue (or other identity linked to you). in this house you get intimate with the greater You.

Planets in the 8th house will bring you things that will pull you into emotional, psychological and spiritual development. You will experience fate, emotional drama and anything required for following your karmic path. Planets will be experienced in extreme power struggles.

Planets in the eighth house in the horoscope:

Sun in the 8th  house: You prefer to stay behind the scenes and not attract attention to you. You have a strong sexual charisma, which can be used for good or bad (up to you). You enjoy healing modalities, and looking into other people’s deep hidden issues (with money, sex, past lives, health). You prefer to keep your issues to yourself and not discuss private matters with anyone. You can be a great benefactor to your surroundings, showing what real giving is since you ask for nothing in return. You could be appointed guardian for other people’s resources and in most cases you will do a great job at it.

The soul is in a process of transformation. The personality gets to know its deepest roots, motives, and development course. There are deep fears of abandonment, and failure. The personality is attempting to project strength to the outside world, and will build a foundation for that power throughout your life.

Moon in the 8th house: You intensify every feeling, every experience. Since young age you feel misunderstood, and many times get what you don’t want: attention when you rather be alone, or ignored when you want some attention. The natural spontaneity of the moon is hard to find here, you will be suspicious and protective. You look for some solid spiritual foundation to lean upon, and you will probably develop it throughout your life. You do get the small “lies” that people tell themselves and therefore know who is in front of you.

The soul is experiencing A LOT of old karma, making it easier to learn to distinguish between real feelings and fake feelings, you do contribute a lot to your surrounding without being aware of it.

Mercury in the 8th house: You love secrets, you love learning and talking psychology, astrology, and any other metaphysical studies. When you speak to other people you are sometimes “off”, talking to another level of their being, one that they don’t understand. Your conversations are filled with unexpected turns and twists.

The soul wants to explore through the mind all aspect of the emotional, psychological world.

eight house astrology
Venus in the 8th house: You project sexiness whether you like it or not. People find you intriguing, many times giving you characteristics that are not your own. All your love relationships are karmatic (could be good or bad), and you like the feeling of being one with someone else. In good aspects you could be a benefactor of money, in bad aspects, you could lose what you have. remember that you are cashing in on your karma. You prefer to keep your relationships, feeling etc to yourself.

The soul wants to be intimate with itself, but getting there through relationships with other people.

Mars in the 8th house: You have strong memories of wars. You will experience power struggles in which you will sometimes be strong, and sometimes weak. You have great patience when it comes to what you want. You are attractive and sexy, and in most cases can deliver on that promise.

The soul is learning how to be strong in the real sense of the word. Strength that can be relied upon no matter what the circumstances are.

Jupiter in the 8th house: You have good intuition. You will experience transformations through religious learning experiences. You are attracted to old cultures. In personal encounters you sometimes tell the truth without being aware of it, and cause yourself social mishaps. You are far more naive when it comes to money than you realize. In good aspects there is luck with winning lrge sums of money, in bad aspects there is the expectation that never materializes.

The soul strengthens its bond to pure faith that is beyond any religion.

Saturn in the 8th house: You do have issues with your sexuality. Note not to use it to exploit anyone, or be exploited. This is one area in your life which you will need to examine, and find balance, abstaining will not do it, nor will promiscuity. You hate talking about your true feelings, while you need o find out about them more than anybody else. You move from feelings of superiority, to feelings of inferiority.  

The soul is learning the value of choice in relationships, of acquiring modesty and maturity in regards to sex and money.

Uranus in the 8th house: You are attracted to Astrology. You have a swing between your mind and your feelings that opens up the 8th house. This is the one planet that can view 8th house issues objectively. You enjoy learning psychology, cultural studies, and have a good reading into other people’s feelings. In good aspects expect good surprises in sexual partners and in money, in bad aspects, beware of the unexpected with regards to sex and money.

The soul seeks to bring new insights into its interpretation of feelings, and emotions.

Neptune in the 8th house: You are tuned into the deep feelings of other people, and mass society. You could have had reincarnations in which you were a healer, or a witch. Your dreams are vivid, and can be a window to greater truth, or to illusions. Beware of any mind altering substances. You could experience great love affairs, but cn also be disillusioned from your sexual partners.

The soul would like to share unconditional love in a sensible way.

Pluto in the 8th house: You will experience power struggles in your life that will force you to find the right way of using your intuitive and psychic powers. Misuse of any of these powers, will cost you dearly. Your sexual partners are here to clear out old entanglements. You could be a great force for positive transformation via your healing and or psychological powers, on the same token you can bring chaos and havoc to yourself and others. You more than anyone, must learn to give for the benefit of all, and not for personal gain.  

The soul is in process of deep transformation.

8 thoughts on “I am Intimate – The 8th house in Astrology”

  1. Hi,

    Good post.
    I have mercury and moon in 8th house. Currently running last phase of 8th house Dasha (mercury). It is so very true that I have passed through regular hardships of life. last 15 years of power struggle in all aspects has made me turn spiritual.


    • I have four planets in the 8th house mercury ,moon and wait for it pluto conjunction within a 3 degree orb. And I have Uranus there also not in the conjunction thank god but in the same sign Libra. I think I have had an interesting life I have changed my life so many times. I have had over 80 different occupations and possess many qualifications. Life is hard especially when Saturn visits these aspects like it has in recent years although 8th house power transforms you and your life giving you the ability to truly be anyone you want to be gotta love that. I have had quite a few near death experiences the last one took 5 years for me to recover I should have died though I was going to but plutoian people are hard to kill we can over come death.

      In fact death is where we are at. I worked with death in palliative care for years its an old friend. As for suicide I have had my fair share of tragedy. Sister committed suicide as did my grandmother and my mother attempted suicide seriously when I was young.

      Inheritances yes with an eighth house like mine you can only imagine what I am going to inherit and yes my life will really change then. But the power struggles around death and inheritances that I’ ve witnessed over false teeth of loved ones even. That is the aspects about the eighth house I guess I hate although I have had things passed down to me from generations long past already.Its strange to have a table to eat off that has been passed down generations I am grateful. Furniture,guns actually a lot of guns my family has a bit of an obsession with them or protecting themselves in general as indicated by the moon placement explained.

      Donna Cunningham has the best book for plutoians like us with 8th house stuff its called healing pluto’s problems it helped me soooo much. I have contacted the author for a reading she is retired and refused unfortunately. Although she does write astro advices for a online site so I will attempt to get my reading one way or another if possible.Note I know my exact time of birth. Note eighth house people are gusty you can’t destroy us we can just regenerate and transform. We have the strength of diamonds and we can change and we will persist until we conquer even if it takes all of our life time. I hope the honesty of this posting does not freak anyone out but if you can’t handle it stay out-ta the eighth house ok.

    • Everyone has few empty houses in their charts. It means that your life will be more focused and active in the houses that do have planets in them. Empty houses are still there though, and you access them during transits or meet them through their ruler.


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