I believe – The 9th house in Astrology

9th house astrologyThe 9th house in the horoscope represents where you can go beyond your boundaries, beyond the mundane day to day activities, this house deals with hope, enthusiasm, belief, and expansion. Where we know there is a spirit, where our mind opens up and we find meaning.

In traditional astrology the 9th house is known as the house of long distance travel, of higher education, of religion of all kinds, publishing and media – all practices that expands the mind, that by taking part in them you get enriched. A voyage can give you a new taste for life, so is a new religious or philosophy entering your life. A book can change your outlook, and therefore your day to day activity. 

In the 9th house you look for the cosmic laws, those that are true no matter what the circumstances are. You study divination, philosophy; looking for divine reason, divine intent. After the 8th house experiences of death, the 9th represents the rejuvenation by getting to know what is beyond your boundaries.

The 9th house in the horoscope is also connected to mass media, advertising, and publishing. a connection to the mass mind of the people, transmitters of ideas, values, and beliefs (good or bad).

The 9th house shines many times, after a painful event: a career ending, a marriage collapse, when we are disappointed we turn to the 9th house. We get filled with hope from going on an extended trip, meeting with foreigners, and viewing our life differently. We may join a spiritual group, or find solace in church, we could decide to go back to school and get a new degree that will open up new possibilities. we might take time off and devour books. In the 9th house we look for meaning, a new hope, and a new way to take part in the world.

The 9h house is very natural, you look for the REAL, whatever that means to you, the places that are beyond games, beyond time and space as we know them, where harmony rules and dreams do come true.

The 9th house issues seems like words that have no meanings until you look deeper and realize that our entire history that is characterized by religious wars, or on a personal level think of all the arguments you have had over: “I believe that this and this is good”, while your friend opposes you, and argues that the truth lies with their point of view.

In reincarnation terms, this is the house that connects your mind and therefore your outlook and your reactions to the divine, to the cosmic mind, to nature, and to new hope. The soul is ready for expansion, and is wishes to try out new philosophies, religions, anything that will help expand the personality’s outlook.  

Planets in the 9th house will bring you things that will pull you into search of a better future, of dreaming big, of looking for a higher truth, and if possible go beyond the law, by attaching to cosmic law.  They can describe “leaps of faith, happening to you feeling you with confidence that there is meaning to your life, and you do matter.

Planets in the ninth house in the horoscope:

Sun in the 9th  house: You enjoy reading more than anything else. Many 9th house sun do spend their life in another country from their birth country, but many more spend their life in the search for philosophical meaning, for a taste in their life. You could be a good teacher of whatever talent you posses, some of you will be in the academia, in law, or in a publishing house since those come naturally to you.  In many cases you will choose to work less to, earn less, but have more free time for yourself and your vocations. Many of you value the simple things in life, and can get by on less income, with more hope and fun.

The soul is in a process of expansion. It is not interested in survival, in personal relationships, and in material positions any more. The interest lies in finding a broader sense of home, of culture, and transcendence.  

Moon in the 9th house: You feel best when you explore new worlds, when you are adventures, and when you feel free. You understand ecology and healthy life naturally, and love animals. You relax by reading, by learning something new. You yearn to be free from your family, and yet would love to bring them along with you on your travels. You don’t like secrets, you can be blunt sometimes, and you despise social norms that are based on show offs without substance.

The soul is experiencing freedom of emotional expression, freedom from social fashions of the times. A very good connection to nature.

Mercury in the 9th house: You love to explore ideas, but faith alone doesn’t do it to you, you want facts. You are a good lecturer, and can intrigue your audience. You are far better at synthesis then in detailed analysis.

The soul wants to explore through the mind all aspect of faith, philosophy. Current laws vs. cosmic laws.

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Venus in the 9th house: You are attracted to ideas, to people from different cultures, and you love a relationship that allows you freedom. You know how to have fun, and usually it doesn’t even cost much, you love to be in the outdoors, as close to nature as possible. You love to learn and your partner should be able to go camping with you, or listen to an interesting lecture. You may prefer dreaming of the perfect guru who will come and save you, or always think that you are missing something that is “out there”, and therefore neglecting to notice the value of what you already have.

The soul wants to be intimate with nature, with philosophy and experience a relationship that gives space to both sides.

Mars in the 9th house: You enjoy pulling on your mental muscles. You will experience fiery debates, please remember that you Do Not know it all, and other people’s perspectives are just as valued as your own. You enjoy having fun in relationships as long as you you’re your freedom. You love to travel and explore new territories of mind, religion, and terrain.

The soul is learning how to be free while sifting and exploring beliefs.

Jupiter in the 9th house: You invest in personal search and development. Your quest will probably lead you into a truer expression of who you are. You could exaggerate Jupiter’s characteristics: optimism, bluntness, naïve, learning as an end in itself, connection to the good, hope that has no grounds. You will either travel a lot, or you will read extensively. Beware from exaggeration in any kind.

The soul strengthens its bond to hope, trust, and expansion.

Saturn in the 9th house: You have issues with your ability to study, to expand your horizons, and in this lifetime, like or not, you will have to tackle schooling issues (higher education ones). Many with this placement become teachers, seemingly against their will, but to their great overall advantage, same can go to travel and guiding professions. You grew up in a closed perception of reality, denying and even fighting opposing ideas to your own. As you grow up, you open up, search and explore ways to free your mind for new higher perceptions and ideas. You might even learn how to dream for the sake of dreaming.

The soul is looking to open up a conservative mind to expanded view of reality.

Uranus in the 9th house: You are attracted to freedom of beliefs. You find it hard to conform to education establishments and religious organizations. You feel limited by them and pursue your own unique course of study. You have a vision of utopia, and a clear understanding of what is beyond time and space, and a very good intuition. The thing that frightens you most is being bored.

The soul seeks to bring new insights into its interpretation of god, religion, philosophy and truth.

Neptune in the 9th house: You have a mystical nature to the point of preferring transcendent experiences that dealing with everyday issues. You have to learn how to keep your faith that anything is possible while doing the actual heard work, not expecting that some unseen force will do it for you. The forces that you are linked to will help you in gaining better understanding, larger point of view and trust in yourself. you could do well in advertising since you have a good sense of the mass conciseness. Spiritual practices of all kinds are natural to you, it is the everyday world that needs attention from you. the point here is to remember that material everyday life is just as spiritual as the other worlds you roam.

The soul would like to share mystical and spiritual experiences with others, showing what is possible in those terms and realms.

Pluto in the 9th house: You will experience the need to explain higher forces to yourself and others. You know how to listen to yourself, you have searched for truth for many lifetimes by now and found it in stories, in nature and in symbols. You must have freedom of belief, and you will fight for one if necessary.  Confrontations over ideas and beliefs are taken seriously by you, and can lead to transformations. Make sure not to think that you know it all, and that you are always right, it is highly important for you to let others find their way to their truth, rather than imposing your way on them. You always feel like an outsider due to many lives of traveling, searching, and some of meditating by yourself.

The soul is in process of making transcendent knowledge understandable to the personality and to others, realizing the underlining truth that is in all religions.


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    • The full moon will focus on the need to expand thought – be it through learning, through meeting people, or, since its Libra, through a better understanding of social laws the official ones and the unofficial ones.


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