Cancer Horoscope 2016

Overall Cancer Horoscope 2016

The overall energies of 2016 with the emphasis on the mutable signs may help many of you to become more flexible towards yourselves and towards life. Many of you have the tendency to worry, and this year has the potential to teach you that worry does not help you or anyone else.

This could leave you with facing your family issues, and those are not determined by an overall energy shift, those are for you personally to heal, create and live. 2016 has no special demands from you, and you are free to decide for yourselves how you would like to spend the year.

Those of you who are born between July 5 to July 9 will probably experience a transformational year. Some of the changes are beneficent, some are not considered so initially. In any case it is best to not resist the changes and let them take you to the right place for who you are becoming.

2016 may ask you to consider your lineage, and more than that, your loyalties. Many of you are patriotic, and have a deep connection to the land and the people, in 2016, you will have to understand that the land and the people are changing, and not try to resist that overall cultural shift, but rather respect your history, preserve the beauty in it, and allow others to add a different present and future.

Career Horoscope Cancer 2016

Many of you may elect to not make changes in 2016. You can just build on what you already have and continue with your routine as it is. A few of you will get lucrative opportunities, but will hesitate whether to accept them or not, since you will not want all that responsibility that comes along.

Those of you who are working for yourselves, could experience a slow progress of your business. This is not the year to start a major advertising campaign for your business, or do anything that expects a big growth, rather plan on small steps, for a steadier growth and income.

Those of you who are looking for new positions, it is a good year to find a nice workplace that can be right for you, as long as you do not demand too much too soon.

Relationships Horoscope Cancer 2016

The overall energies of 2016 can support your relationships. Long term relationships should go well this year, with support given and received and less power struggles.

Those born between July 5 to July 9 will have power issues in their relationships, there is love, and then there are all those relationships that use the word love, but actually mean something else, you will have to face up to many of those non-love episodes, and stay with anyone who proves to be there for good and bad.

Those born between July 9th and July 17th will deal with the demand for more freedom from their partners. Attempting to hold on too tight will result in a brake-up, willingness to trust and allow them to do well in their work or hobbies is the wiser way to go this year.

Cancer Astrology Direction for  2016

In 2016 the Lunar eclipses are in different signs, sending you in different directions. In the March eclipse the emphasis is on relationships, only this time you will be the ones looking for more space. The September eclipses are more about healing past wounds are re-kindling faith in life and in yourselves.

Many of you get along with and understand the energies of 2016. Those of you who are healers and care givers could have a good year, those of you who are in the hospitality business may also enjoy this year.

2016 is a good year for creative ventures, as long as you do not try to turn them into a career.



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