Cancer Horoscope 2019

Cancer Overall Horoscope 2019:

During 2019 the north node is in your sign, and many of you will feel as if you are being called to something new, yet you are not sure what that new is. The overall energies of the year are similar to yours, and therefore, it is expected to be a year in which you struggle a bit less, and aspire a bit more. The question you will be faced with is what you aspire to.   

You will all still face many challenges, but in most cases those are not your own personal challenges, but those of people who are very close to you. Many of you will try hard to help others only to find out that there is a limit to what you can do for others, and you cannot help anyone who does not help himself.  This is not an easy realization since you rely so much on others feelings, and want them to do well, but it will free you up to give of yourself where your help can make a difference.

This year you will be affected by the January and July eclipses more than in other years. Your sense of home will be challenged by circumstances that have nothing to do with you, but still have an impact on you and your lives. For each of you the eclipses will cause some transformation, but it will be your individual charts that will say exactly how you will experience them.

2019 will be a year in which you will find yourselves thinking a lot about the future, your personal future and the global future. You will try to connect more to nature, and worry less about global issues. This year is a great time to understand that nature can and does heal itself better than we know it can, and that worry does not help you nor the environment.

Cancer horoscope

Cancer Career Horoscope 2019

This year it seems that many of you will not feel that they are in the right place, or where they want to be. Thinking of the future will send a few of you to try new avenues, others will continue in the daily grind, and experience boots of fatigue.

This is not a year in which you initiate the changes, and yet those occur as if on their own. Those of you born between July 11th to July 14th may have to change their jobs, especially during Oct-Dec 2019.

This year feels as if tasks take longer than the usual and demand more of you, and in this respect most of the signs will share the same feeling.

Cancer Relationships Horoscope 2019

The overall energies of 2019 are of having fewer relationships, but those that you do have are deeper and more meaningful. It is hard for you to see people less, or even separate from, but this is a year of internal growth, and some of the growth requires that you see less of some of the people who are close to you now.  

On the other hand you will meet new people this year that will reflect back to you how much you have grown. Old emotional attachments will still linger on, and you may realize that not all the pains that accompany your relationships need to be so painful.

Again, it is hard to pin-point the actual effect of the eclipses, but they might change your relationships to people that you thought you could not do without, and suddenly you realize that you are actually better off without them.

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Cancer Astrology Direction 2019

The overall tendency of 2019 is sending you dreaming of a better future, or worrying about global disasters. Please do your best to limit the news, and other catastrophe conversations, since those effect your outlook on life more that you know. I also recommend that you make it a habit to remind yourselves that mass media is only concerned with the pains and crimes, and that most people are safe where they are and that includes you.

This year you will turn more into yourselves and your immediate environment, and spend less time on social media. At times you feel lonely, at times you feel fuller than ever before.

2019 is a good year for reminding yourselves that you don’t have to follow your old friends and idols, and can start leading yourselves.  

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