Many people come and ask me if they are creative, in the 2012 astrology and beyond creativity has become the new buzz word, and everybody wants a piece of that, while at the same time so afraid of that.

What is creativity?

Creativity is within you no matter what, your body heals itself, you do have new fresh thoughts that are your own, you have your own unique way of communicating with other people, and it is there ALL the time. Even if you don’t see it, while you live your life and expand your boundaries, while you are just being yourself you do contribute to the whole, you do play your magnificent part in evolving humanity, and all of nature along the way.

We are not talking here about outbursts of genius and inspiration the suddenly flow through you, we are referring here to something that you already do even if you don’t realize it yet.

Aries / 1st house creativity is the ability to re-invent yourself, to step out of old boundaries and experience yourself in a new environment.

Taurus/2nd house creativity is your ability to grow things, to put your energy into a business and grow with it, expanding your assets and your talents slowly over time.

Gemini/3rd house creativity is your ability to use words and communicate in your daily life (and your work).

Cancer/4th house creativity is your ability to nurture your family, and anyone else.

Leo/5th house creativity is your ability to perform/act and to play, to produce off spring

Virgo/6th house creativity is your ability to organize, to bring in order, to heal and to perform mundane tasks.

Libra/7th house creativity is your ability to balance relationships, to delve into them, to support other people.

Scorpio/8th house creativity is your ability to delve into deep emotions, touch feelings, to let go of old karma and attachments.

Sagittarius/9th house creativity is your ability to dream, hope and explore other cultures, other ideas with an open mind

Capricorn/10th house creativity is your ability to put a structure that can serve many people over time, to direct other people, and build institutions that serve all of society.

Aquarius/11th house creativity is your ability to take part in large social calls for change, to better conditions for everybody, and to serve the misfortunate.

Pisces/12th house creativity is your ability to bring a sense of the beyond into life, there is more to life than our daily tasks, hopes, desires, and here is where we are reminded of it.


Why are we afraid of it?

At some point during childhood someone told us that creative people are those that perform well in the arts: they paint well, the can dance, they can act, or write, or they are able to play music better than the rest of us. Creativity was pushed to Leo/5th house and Pisces/12th house territories and bound there.

 Creativity in REALITY is not a synonym to artistic ability, for many people it is, but for others creativity can come in knowing when to say the right word, how to market a product, writing of a new software code, helping a person get in touch with themselves, these are all just as creative a sculpting or creating a necklace.

Now, take a few minutes and find something creative that you did, said, wrote, e-mailed, took picture of or whatever in the last 2 weeks. IT IS THERE, you must have done it if you are alive, the point is to realize it.

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