Full Moon in Cancer Horoscope July 2011

Full Moons are time to reflect, time to celebrate, and time to make friends with the night. Many of our holidays are still celebrated around full moons when the nights are naturally illuminated.  Full Moons are also the time where people get in tune with their deepest feelings, when humanity guides are transmitting the light of conciseness, understanding and compassion.

It is advised Not to start any new project around within the 24 hours of the full moon, but rather use that day for mundane tasks, while enjoying an acute sense of meditation.

Take a look at your chart, locate the 22th degree of the Cardinal signs, any planet on this degree will be affected by the new moon. In affected I mean, understood in a new way, rather than acted upon.

Cancer – Capricorn

The Cancer/Capricorn Full Moon is a good time to connect the inner child (Cancer) with the Mature Adult (Capricorn) within You. You can communicate and re-connect those parts:

The Cancer can remind the Capricorn to be intimate, to allow childlike attitudes, a place for a good cry or a good laugh, to enjoy the small things in life (like a sunset, a small toy), to love without demands, respect your roots and remember where we are coming from.

The Capricorn teaches the Cancer how to work within life’s limitations, to set up goals and strive towards them thus learning to go beyond the comfort zone. To learn some self control, learn to mature through boundaries. To learn how to express feelings in a constructive way, and not just do “as I feel like”. It brings in the energy of planning and direction.

When discussing Cancer/Capricorn the parental influence in your life comes into consideration.  Traditionally Cancer represents the Mother influence while Capricorn represents the Father figure in our lives (4th and 10th houses). In these modern times, I see a blur between the roles. It could be the mother who sets up the boundaries (Capricorn), while the father is the one to indulge and spoil (Cancer).

Take the time to reflect on Your own private parental influence: who is more emotionally open?, who sets up goals?, who spoils you? who demands of you to show some achievements? You may be surprised with the answers when you dig into this.

Full Moon in Cancer July 2011 Horoscope 


The full moon horoscope: July 15, 8:53 GMT, 22th  degree of Cancer/Capricorn.


 The key to relive some of the tension is with the Capricorn ruler, Saturn currently transiting Libra. It is squaring Venus in Cancer (the Ruler of Libra), which will make it hard to Agree on a course of action that will satisfy all. Negotiations are reaching dead ends, and the differences in opinions are heightened.  

On the optimistic side, we find out the no one chooses violence. Mars in Gemini is in Trine to Saturn, and Sextile Mercury, indicating that adverse sides can agree that even though we do not agree, we will continue talks, and look for action courses that will be peaceful.

The Horoscope of the Full Moon shows that the sun moon opposition is Not in aspect to any other planet, leaving this Full Moon all to its own. The issues of tradition vs. new goals, of authority vs. emotional needs, and the issues that are best represented by the revolutions in so many Arab countries: Who is in Power and Why? Who is the Government serving, the people or itself? Where does the Authority rights end, and the individual basic right for expression starts?

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