Gemini Horoscope 2016

Overall Gemini Horoscope 2016

In 2016 the energies are from the demanding kind. With Saturn in Sagittarius you could find yourself dealing with issues of authority in your lives. You may also realize that you have to grow up, release many dreams that you held, and compromise with reality.

From another angle both Neptune and Jupiter are squaring your sign, and the feeling is that you don’t know who you can or cannot trust, a feeling that there are many tasks and demands made upon you that you do not really understand. This is the type of year that makes you realize how little you know about life, about other people. You will not even be sure on what it is that you want, what your goals are.

Many of you will like the challenges of this year, because they do spell opportunity for many, or a new beginning. Nothing that happens is all bad, or all good. You will be able to see the up side of every situation that you don’t like, you will be able to see the down side of the situations you do like.

Gemini born between May 29 – June 3 have the potential to make some major changes this year, many of them may seem initially like a poor choice, yet as time goes by, what seemed like a compromise suddenly seems like a very good place to be. Please remember not to make a major financial investments this year if you were born on these dates.

Career Horoscope Gemini 2016

In 2016 your career could take up most of your time, efforts and thoughts. Many of you will face challenges that will seem to come from nowhere. An example is one in which your boss is moving ahead, you get a new boss, the kind that you do not get along with. For others, it could mean more work time covering for other people. A different challenge may come from home, someone in your family needs more attention, and you don’t get much understanding at work.

Others may want to make a fresh start and pursue a different career, only to realize that experience is something that you gain by time and effort in any type of work. Many of you are prone to delude yourself into schemes and ideas that do not return your investment.

There will be those Geminis who will realize that they need to get a degree or to study something deeper than they already have. This year you may need to come up with more depth, and substantiate everything you say.

It is best throughout the year to be careful with what you say, more so with what you post on social media, or send by mail, make sure there is nothing that can come back at you. An innocent remark can be interpreted the wrong way, and it will be hard to explain yourself.

Others may be offered a promotion, or the new position they were waiting for only to find out that the work load is indeed harder and that responsibility is something to get used to, until done right.

Relationships Horoscope Gemini 2016

In 2016 many of you could face many demands in your relationships. You will find it not easy to balance work and family, and you may feel torn between them.

Many of you still hold on to illusions regarding relationships, illusions you picked up from mass media. This is the year in which you could be faced with the choice between holding on to those expectations, dreams and illusions, or growing up, realizing that your life is not a movie, and forming mature relationships that may not look like a fairy tale, but will be real and warm and right for you.

Many of you who are in a long term relationship may have to be there for your partners, something will happen in their lives that will affect you as well.

Those of you who are looking for love are very likely to fall for the unavailable, or find themselves in a relationship that has magic in it, but is not ready to integrate into your daily lives (or your lover’s daily life).

Gemini Astrology Direction for  2016

In 2016 Jupiter squares your sign from Virgo, Saturn in Opposition from Sagittarius an Neptune in a square from Pisces, bring a roller coaster year of high moments of inspiration, and the long hard road to materializing those ideas in your daily reality.

Many of you are far more connected to mass conciseness then you realize, and believe the media, and its power. This is the year in which you could learn to discriminate well and analyze what you are being taught, and whether it still applies to who you are now.


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