Gemini Horoscope 2019

Overall Gemini Horoscope 2019:

The energies of 2019 will be a bit challenging for you. The overall pace of life is slowing down one notch, and while you say you look forward to it, when it actually happens you feel that you don’t know how to operate yourself and your world anymore. Your demand for new experiences will not be answered this year as in the past few years, and you will have to find ways to keep your mind from asking the wrong questions.

Those of you born on June 6th to June 8th will experience a year in which you will feel a bit weak, tired, and unsure of yourselves. All the rest Gemini will feel a bit more tired than the usual this year.

Mercury retrogrades this year in the water signs making you more emotional that the usual, a bit more dreamy than your usual. On the plus side this energy brings with it more creativity, out of the box thinking, and the ability to heal wounds after you realize they are there.

Altogether this year demands of everybody in the world to be a bit more careful in their words, and for you personally it will be even more of a challenge than many others. You will have to tune into the non-verbal communication side of you, and though you will fee out of sorts, you will broaden your communication skills.

Gemini horoscope

Gemini Career Horoscope 2019

In 2019 you will feel a bit confused about your career. Many of you hold more than one title at any given time. You may have a day job, and your real vocation in the evening when you find the time for it. This year, the distinctions between all those titles you have will become a bit more blurred, and you will find it hard to answer the simple question – what do you do?

To add to the confusion, many of you will have ideas, and “callings” to add even more jobs and projects to your names. Any other year, adding more in one direction takes away from another, but this year, you will see how one thing you may do in the evenings, may add to your day job in an unexpected manner.

The overall energy is the one that gets you scattered, and not sure which way is the best one to take. Remember, this year, following one path will not work for you and perusing two or three are fine, four or five is a bit too much.

Your social skills will be called upon this year to smooth the road for your colleagues and partners, and you will find yourself in the role of the one that opens the door for others. You may feel as if you do all the hard work and other get the credit for, but remember that your contribution is noticed.

Gemini Relationships Horoscope 2019

The overall energies of 2019 are the kind that does support the forming of real deep relationships. In a year when you talk a bit less than the usual, people may find it easier to open up to you, and to trust you more than before.

This energy dynamic in which you allow yourself to express your doubts, and show your softer side is probably something you have been secretly wishing for, yet unable to allow in your relationships before. Now is the time to just be together, sometimes in the non-verbal communication that is the foundation for relationships.

Love will still be complicated and mercury retrogrades in the water signs will bring to the front your past relationships hurts and pains. Yet, this year can be a very good year to heal some of those wounds and form a mature relationship not based on past scars.

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Gemini Astrology Direction 2019

Mercury retrogrades in the water signs will make you feel as if you need to re-learn ow to communicate. The March retrograde in Pisces will send you searching for solace (alcohol, drugs & or spiritual practices). The July retrograde will demand of you some attention to your home and family and their concerns. The November retrograde will give you some nice insights into your own emotional makeup that you will cherish later.   

The overall energies of 2019 are of few deep relationships, rather than the mass communications you excel in. it might be a bit of a challenge in the beginning of the year, but by year’s end, you will find that you have mastered more ways of relating.

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