Libra Horoscope 2019

Libra Overall Horoscope 2019:

The overall energy emphasis of 2019 is compatible with most Libras, and therefore, this could be a nice year for many. For many Libras this is not a year of personal changes, but rather one of going out and accumulating as many experiences as they possibly can.

But, there will be Libras who will undergo transformations, and deal with major changes: Libras born between Oct 14 – Oct. 18 may see their lives turning around: moving to a new place, or looking for new career avenues, changes arising from relationships either forming or breaking forcing them to make the other changes in their lives.

Libras are great at adjusting to whatever goes on, and this year they will see just how this natural talent for blending makes them more valuable to those around them. The ability to “open the doors” can make this year very interesting and rewarding for Libras.

Overall this year is not a demanding year for many Libras and they can just enjoy the fun, and the lessening of life’s pressures, at least for a while.

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Libra Career Horoscope 2019

In theory this could be a very good year for many Libras. This is the year in which they can see an increase in income for doing exactly the same things they have been doing before. Libras born between Oct. 14th and Oct. 18th will change their careers. Initially it would be a shock, but then it may seem as a positive growth opportunity.

The rest of the Libras will have a year in which they have more say on what goes on in their careers. Some will not know what to do with this freedom of personal management, others will adjust quickly and learn to enjoy it.

Libra Relationships Horoscope 2019

The overall trend of 2019 is of deepening few relationships, and not trying to get to know as many people as you possibly can. This is true for all signs, not necessarily for Libras. Many Libras have scattered into too many relationships in the past few years, and may find this trend hard to understand at first, but easier to manage as they get used to it.

Overall, as with the others areas in life, potentially it is not such a transformations year for most Libras, relationships included. Committed Libras will stay committed, the singles, will probably stay single. Individual horoscopes may show a different trend though.

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Libra Astrology Direction 2019

The eclipses in Capricorn/Cancer will affect the Libras indirectly. Someone close to them may experience those eclipses, and the Libras will be there for him and with him, for whatever is needed.

The first half of the year (up to Aug) will be the better half of the year for many Libras, and the time for more activity than the second half of the year. Yet, throughout the year, many Libras will find it hard to just stay home for too long, and will go out either on leisure activities, or work related activities (or both) as much as they can.

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