New Moon in Leo Horoscope: July 30 2011

Leo New Moon HoroscopeNew Moons are a good time to concentrate on seeding. Take a look at your chart, locate the 7th degree of Leo(by house) and think what you would like to bring in into this area of your life. This is a good time to connect with your shadow, or less known parts of yourself, and communicate. You can get insights, and you can be very practical in your seeking for what you want.

For everybody, this is the time to reflect upon the Leo influence in your life.

About Leo:

Element: Fire

Modality: Fixed

Ruler: the Sun

House: 5th House

Keywords: creativity, generosity, fun loving, care, warmth, openness, sovereignty, pompous

July 23 – August 22

Leo represents the energy of creativity, of the personality seeing itself as king of its own life, of ruling oneself with love, caring for those in need and having fun in life.  

In esoteric Astrology, the soul becomes a full personality under the Leo sign. You cannot go through the experience of earth without going through this phase of being truly human. The Leo energy that connects you to yourself, to the love of life, to your own creative powers, and to your authority from within.

The Sun is the ruler of Leo representing confidence. The placement of Leo and your Sun in your chart will show where you shine, where you have big dreams, where you would like to benefit other people, what your creative talents are, where you can enjoy life, and where you might exaggerate.

Leo is a fixed sign, and therefore holds on to what he has and appreciates. Traditional in their thinking and goals, family oriented. True, Leos could look pompous and authoritative, they love luxurious items, they could be show offs, and don’t like to be bossed around. On the other hand Leos gives warmth, good heart, and usually good motivation for the enjoyment of all people.

Leo represents the energy of Drama. We all enjoy and suffer in our lives, but it is our ability to dramatize every incident, every conversation, and situation that makes us feel truly alive. When you call someone and tell them: “Guess what just happened to me” you are on the Leo energy.

new moon in Leo horoscope

The new moon horoscope July 30, 18:39 GMT, 7th  degree of Leo.

The Horoscope of the New Moon in Leo is important since Leo represents the rulers, the monarchs and the dictators that are being opposed right now. The sun moon conjunction is conjunct Venus adding warmth and kindness to this new moon, reminding everyone to enjoy life and all the good things it can offer all of us (love, food, beauty).  This new moon comes when the powers seeking change are realizing that there is some benefit in long standing traditions which have served people for long (Leo energy). The new moon conjunction is in quincunx to Pluto suggesting that there is a discontent and a desire for change, while feeling unable to materialize it. Uranus in Aries Trines the Sun/Moon helping ease the way for new ideas, new way of making everybody feel like they have some say over their life.

Jupiter is Taurus is square the Sun/Moon combination suggesting that we all may fall pray to big dreams that are beyond our grasp, looking for philosophies that are not right for us, and adding to the tendency to grab more than we actually need.

In this horoscope, Saturn is solitary in Libra, keeping most of our plans on the idea level, without being able to “bring them down” to actuality.

For all who read: this is a good time to fall in love, to enjoy life, to get yourself something beautiful, but be careful not to go beyond your means.

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