Scorpio Horoscope 2016

Overall Scorpio Horoscope 2016

2016 could be a bit confusing to many of you. It will be difficult to divide between black and white, and you may see many shades and colors. Good and bad are no longer clear, and many of you might feel as if a lot of your power is no longer easily accessible to you.

Many Scorpios do have obsessions, even though many of you reading this will disagree with me, you may want to look into all those obsessive thoughts rotating around the same issues and engrossing all your attention. In 2016 the overall energies are the kind that will take any obsession or addiction you have and blow it out of proportion, until you realize the damage they are causing you.

The time from April to June is the time when you could feel powerless, but, from the end of June many of you will be able to step outside of old habits and release them for good.

Throughout the year you might prefer to keep more to yourselves, and minimize your attempts to change or control other people. Many of you have artistic talents, and this year will support those talents, and can help you reach the next step of your expression.

Many of you may experience relationship changes to other people who did not understand you previously. They may surprise you with a realization of what you have meant all these years.

Those born between Nov. 30th and Dec 4th will also deal with the Neptune energy that tends to dissolve structures in your lives, and leave you with faith alone.

It is a very important year for almost all of you, one in which your intuitive ability will be there to guide you, but it will not be easy to find the quiet space needed for that clarity. You will shift between moments of clarity and knowingness on what is right for you, and moments when you feel that you would like to just give up.

Career Horoscope Scorpio 2016

2016 is not a year that will support major changes in your career. Any changes you may initiate on your own will not materialize as you expect them to. Those of you who are in the financial business may see a lot of confusion throughout the year, and therefore will elect not to make any changes.

Those of you who are in the arts have a potential for a good year in terms of exposure, but will find it hard to translate that presence to extra earnings. Those of you who are in all other business will know that now is not the time to ask for more, or to make a big change.

On the other hand, others will not demand changes from you as well. It is best to fulfill your duties at work as best as you can, and any desire for more can be fulfilled in other areas in your lives.

The first part of the year is the slower phase, when life and your career seem to be stable, or seem as if slipping backwards, yet from the summer onwards, you will feel better, and be able to stand on firmer ground in your positions.

Relationships Horoscope Scorpio 2016

Relationships are always an issue with Scorpions, and this year will not be different. Many of you are holding grudges against others, in 2016 you will realize that others blame you for hurting them. You may also allow a new perspective that may help you see the truth in their suggestions, and how to not repeat past mistakes.

Those of you who are obsessed with other people, 2016 can cause you to slip over and say and do things that will make you realize that this obsession must stop.

Those of you who have long term supportive relationships will be able to enjoy the energies of 2016, share even deeper, trust more, give and receive daily love and affection.

Scorpio Astrology Direction for  2016

In 2016 Scorpios could feel the need to retreat a bit from the world and keep to themselves even more. It is the year when the emphasis is on long term relationships, deep relationships, and many of you will avoid anything that you term as “shallow”.

2016 will support artistic expressions and ventures, will support a new spiritual perspective on life, and any steps taken towards opening up to more compassion and understanding of yourselves and others will yield peace of mind.

The Mars retrograde from April to June will be a time of solitude while August to October will feel like you are filled up with the energies of hope, sharing and outgoing.


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