Its time for a Solar Return Astrology Chart

What is a Solar Return Chart?

Every year, on your birthday, the sun “returns” to the same position in relation the earth as it was when you were born. Astrologers have found out that drawing a chart for the exact moment of the solar return, gives a very good indication on how the next year will manifest for you. Where will you be concentrating? Will you travel? Will you change jobs? Will you find a mate? Will it be a year filed with routine?

solar return chart

To find out what the next year has n store for you, first draw your chart:

  1. Go to, click on “my astro”.
  2. Click on Create a horoscope immediately, as a Guest User
  3. Put in your birth details, PLEASE FIND OUT THE TIME OF BIRTH, you cant do a olar return without it.
  4. On the next page, scroll down to: “extended chart selection”
  5. On the next page, in the drop-down, chart type menu select  “solar return chart”.

How to Read The Solar Return Horoscope?

Reading the horoscope, the first thing to remember is that your natal chart is your basic, no transit, solar return, progression or miracle can bring you something that IS NOT in your natal chart. You will stay you. The solar return simply tells you where you will spend your time, energy, what will be foremost in your thoughts.

The Sun:

Take a look at the Sun, in which house is it this coming year?

Sun in the 1st house: You will seek new experiences this year, you have more courage.

Sun in the 2nd House: you will concentrate on expending your financial resources

Sun in the 3rd House: You will be more communicative, sometimes this can indicate a move to a new home, sometimes you just travel more.

Sun in the 4th house: your home and family will take a lot of your time and effort this year

Sun in the 5th house: usually  a fun year, romance, play, and good for acting out fantasies.

solar return astrology

Sun in the 6th house: a year filled with doing the right things. Work, dealing with health issues, getting yourself in shape

Sun in the 7th house: relationships will dominate this year, you will help your mate, find a partner , and join forces together for the greater good.

Sun in the 8th house: a year of reflection, good time to go to therapy, you will feel alone and its OK.

Sun in the 9th house: a year of studying something new, and a good time to travel abroad.

Sun in the 10th house: you will concentrate on your long term goals, build a foundation for many years to come.

Sun in the 11th house: a year filled with friends, you may join a group of some sort, and even do some volunteer work, do something about what you believe in.

Sun in the 12th house: a year in which anything can happen. (could be good or bad)

The Ascendant + The Moon:

Locate the ascendant, and the moon in the horoscope, here we look at the sign (not the house), this will give us extra details on the coming year:

Aries: daring, vital, willing to stand up for your self, something new

Taurus: growth, expansion (be were not to simply gain weight, or accumulate unnecessary stuff), getting down to essence

Gemini: meet new people, move to a new home, meet new people, maybe change jobs but more often change a position within the same organization.

Cancer: deal with loved ones, nurture, good time to improve you cooking abilities

Leo: feeling confident, can show a successful year, you are willing and can take center stage, a lot of Drama

Virgo: Taking care of yourself, working, following your routine, hardly any Drama.

Libra: you look good this year, a good year for marriage, or commitment to s specific someone.

Scorpio: a good year to kick old habits, to cash in on what is coming to you, cleaning up from within.

Sagittarius: extended vacation, trip, less worry, and more fun

Capricorn: willing to take responsibility, making an effort for the long run, you get your promotion and the hard work that comes with it. Sobering up and growing up

Aquarius:  willingness to try something new, to fight for your beliefs, many friends around, and looking for that elusive self actualization

Pieces: a spiritual year, filled with searching, meditating, a good time to learn to accept help from others. Feeling a bit disoriented.

In many cases clients seeking consultation may be a bit upset because they were hoping for something different than what they got. So what? You can make the best of ANY year with full acceptance of its energies, and allowing yourself to be enhanced by them rather than dampened underneath them. The key is to trust in yourself and in the universe.

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  1. Hi Mamta,
    I believe that what must be will be. The planetary transits do not change if you change your location. What is so wrong with your return?


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