Taurus Horoscope 2016

Overall Taurus Horoscope 2016

2016 has the kind of energy that many of you do not understand. The overall emphasis on the mutable signs could make you feel un-safe and un-sure of where the world is going. The second part of the year, from June till December is the better part of the year for many of you. The year will be experienced differently by many born in Taurus.

Many will choose to slow down a bit, and take some time for themselves. Others will think about that, will desire more time off, but will keep the routine as it is. Others will make changes, mostly because of other people.

For many of you this could be a good year, no major challenges on the financial front, even a slow betterment, and your overall relationships with others prove nurturing. Those that have stopped being your friends are gone now, and you can enjoy being who you are, as you are, without all that unnecessary criticism.

The time when Mars retrogrades around April through June could give you a lot of power, please remember that it will be temporary, and don’t try to hold on to it.

Career Horoscope Taurus 2016

In 2016 the energies give you free choice. If you like your job, position, and your colleagues, than don’t make any changes, if you simply cannot take it anymore, you are free to find something new.

2016 is easier than 2015, many of the struggles you have had to endure at work, have lessened a bit. The financial worries are also slowly decreasing, and you become more sociable with your colleagues.

In 2016 there is no clear direction for work, it is as if you are free to try anything you want, including staying where you already are. It could be a quiet year where many of you don’t think so much about work, but have your attention elsewhere, in your favorite pastime.

Relationships Horoscope Taurus 2016

2015 was not easy on many of you in your relationships. For many it wasn’t so much the love relationship, but rather, it was your friends that have disappeared. This helped to strengthen love relationships for many, for others it felt a bit too much.

2016 it seems as if there is no real drive to make changes. Those of you who are in committed relationships will stay that way, those of you who are looking for love, may find one, but will hesitate before making any commitments.

With all the uncertainty in the world some of you may hesitate to go out and enjoy life, but would elect to stay where you feel safe.

Taurus Astrology Direction for  2016

The overall energies in the world at 2016 are the kind of energies you less appreciate, and in a way you will find yourself caring less about the woes and troubles of all the people in the world, simply because you understand that such an attitude does not help them, does not help you.

In many respects 2016 will be much easier than 2015. It is as if the pressure that you felt, and the constant battle against someone or something has lessened, you don’t need to push as hard to get the same results. Less struggle means more free time, so you can take advantage of this direction and not insist on pushing hard when it is not necessary.

June is the time of the year when events will pile up your way, for the rest of the year it is up to you to decide on the pace.

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