Taurus Horoscope 2019

Taurus Horoscope 2019 Overall:

2019 has the overall energy that will cause many of you to just sink into yourselves and start limiting a lot of what the world throws at you. You will find yourselves deleting apps from your phones, closing social media accounts, and that you are not interested in hearing what other people do or think, but rather have more time for yourselves. The best part of limiting the outside energies is that you will find it much easier to eat less, and when you do eat, you will manage to choose foods that are better for you personally, and not those that are advertised heavily.

Those of you born between Apr. 21 – April 28 will experience an Uranus transit that will give you more courage than you thought you had, and will make you try new things, that you thought were beyond your reach, and now you realize that they are worth the effort, even if it is only for the fun of it.

The challenging time of the year when you feel that you are unable to filter the energies of the world is the Summer (Aug-Sep), when you try your best to look better, and sound better, and wind up disappointing yourselves (nobody else really sees you as you see yourselves). Late September commences a few good months for you, when you feel confident in who you are, your talents, and your ability to bring those forward.

Taurus horoscope

Taurus Career Horoscope 2019

The overall energies of 2019 are compatible with yours. It will be easier for you to get notices, even promoted, and you will feel more appreciated than in previous years. You will also feel that what used to be a challenge, is now becoming easier and easier for you to master, at your own pace.

Those of you born on Apr. 21 – April 28 will want to breakout and look for something more interesting to do with your lives. You will want to change jobs, even if you have a good one already, just to feel that you can if you want to.

For the rest, the overall tendency of 2019 will be of getting better at whatever field you are in. you will want to do what you do in the best possible way, and challenge yourselves towards it. This will be noticed by others, who will try to follow you.

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Taurus Relationships Horoscope 2019

2019 offers energies that are comfortable for you, and will make it easier for you to develop new relationships, or deepen those that you have. Your grace and charm will shine easier, because you will not try so hard to impress but be comfortable with who you are.

Many of you will prefer few deep and real relationships, instead of superficial acquaintances that seem to just take up your time, and leave you empty. Those of you who will meet new people in 2019 will find that these people you let into your lives are interesting, and are willing to stay around for longer time than what you got used to in the past few years.

Taurus Astrology Direction 2019

The overall energies in the world at 2019 are the kind of you get along with quite well, and better than most other signs. You may read astrological forecasts warning you of the upheavals Uranus will bring you, but please remember that the overall planetary alignments are in your favor, and the Uranus energy will probably only help you rid yourselves of unnecessary weight, things and people that are not suitable for who you are becoming, and that they just melt away slowly throughout the year.

2019 is the year in which who you are is more than OK, and therefore you can enjoy this year to the max, doing what you are good at. Any real drive for change will be you asking yourself to master up in your field, and will not be because of external pressure.

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