Where Am I? The third house in Astrology

3rd house astrology 

The 3rd house in the horoscope represents your learning and interacting abilities. In the first house you find out who you are, in the 2nd, what you have, and in the 3rd you interact with the world around you.

One way to view the 3rd house is to see it as the elementary school years. In those years you learn to read and write, you learn to sit in a classroom and take part in its social structure, during those years you progressively go to more and more places on your own (without mom and dad driving you), first to a few chosen friends, than you do some shopping, than to afterschool activities, and finally you get to run some errands for your family.

The 3rd house is immediate, unless there is a karmic planet (Pluto, Saturn, south node), there is heavy weight from past lives on it, but rather a soul that is free to explore all areas of communication, to invest in them and enjoy interacting. the 3rd house in the horoscope also represents brothers and sisters and in that regard we might see karmic connection.

The 3rd house rules all the skills necessary to live your life in Your neighborhood (where do I buy my food?), transportation (how to get from point A to point B), how to operate a computer, knowing how much to pay for services and calling and ordering them.

This house is so prominent these days, with everybody going online, interacting, TV follows you everywhere, you can stay connected no matter where you are in the world, and having good skills in this house can in many cases translate to a career.

Planets in the Third house in the Horoscope:

Sun in the 3rd house: Anything that has to do with public speaking, with writing, editing and broadcasting comes very natural to you, and you should consider making a career in any of these fields. You get bored easily, and like to be surrounded by people and or media (TV, radio), you could be a great blogger. Note, one on one interactions don’t come naturally to you and you need to learn how to communicate your feelings, and consider other people’s feelings.

Moon in the 3rd house: Your feelings color every interaction you have with other people, be it in business, running errands, or indeed having a personal conversation. You are constantly on the phone, you know what goes on in all your neighbor’s houses, and you enjoy get togethers. You also enjoy puzzles, and other mind games. An avid reader, you do have opinions about everything. Though you communicate so well, when it comes to close personal relationships you tend to get bored easily, and do like to avoid deep emotional talks. This is something that you could change and even learn to enjoy.

Mercury in the 3rd house: You have a quick mind, you understand things easily, and you are good with your hands. Be carefull not to be shallow, or jack of all trades. You will need to put your mind into one topic and explore it to fulfill the information hunger that you have. You can be a great teacher, writer, or editor.

 third house astrology

Venus in the 3rd house: You communicate warmly, you have a good voice, and you enjoy information on all levels: Gossip, personal, news, reading a book. You have close ties to your brothers and sisters. You could be a good broker, since you know the real value of properties, as well as intangible goods.

Mars in the 3rd house: You talk much, but you must learn how to listen. Your speech has some strength to it, which could be valuable in working with teen agers, but could also offend many who don’t know you well. You get bored easily, and need to keep your mind occupied all the time. You are a bit messy, and need to learn to organize better. You must learn to tame your tongue and you can reach high with your persuasive skills.

Jupiter in the 3rd house: you are the internal student. Make sure that you keep on developing your wisdom, while you gain knowledge. You could be a good teacher; you will travel a lot in your life and find it easy to bridge cultures, ideas and philosophies.

Saturn in the 3rd house: You will have to work on your communication skills. You may be the one who spends his childhood not talking at all, and only at the age of 30 you will find your unique way of communicating. You do have karmic relationships with brothers/sisters and you will either help them throughout your life or be helped by them.

If you heal yourself you could become a good speech therapist, and help young people find their voice.

Uranus in the 3rd house: You could be ahead of your time. Many of you were misdiagnosed as children with some type of ADHD, but in your case, you were too fast and too bored with regular school. Your choices are indeed endless, and you will experience a lot of frustration from seeing trends years before and being unable to explain yourself to other people. You can simply not see what is in front f your eyes many times, which can make other people angry. Find your unique gift, it might not be your career, but you enjoy perusing it.

Neptune in the 3rd house: It is very hard to understand you. Your way of talking is either too quiet, or you neglect to finish your sentences, or people just don’t understand what you mean. You should learn some new age technique that will make it easier for you to discern where the information that is in your head is coming from. You tend to be forgetful, and this is something you should take into account. With some work, your imagination could become your biggest asset.

Pluto in the 3rd house: You have your own way of talking, your own ideas, and way of executing them, and no one can move you from it. Stubborn, idealistic, and curiose about certain things, while completely missing other that interest you less. You could devote your life to one research and do well. You have a strong reincarnation bond with a brother/sister who will be either your best friend or your biggest enemy (or both). You should travel, it will help you gain perspective, and you enjoy the outdoors.


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