Virgo Horoscope 2016

Overall Virgo Horoscope 2016

2016 starts off with Jupiter traveling your sign, offering many opportunities to many of you. Now is the time for that new beginning you were waiting for, now is the time to have fun, get a promotion, go on an extended trip, or to have a baby.

Those of you who were born in the first half of Virgo (up to Sep 13) will probably also feel the effect of Saturn squaring your sign, demanding hard work, responsibility, and making sure the promises you give and get are grounded in reality.

Virgos born between Aug 31 and Sep 4th will also experience the Neptune opposition influence. The balance between faith and science changes a bit. You might not know where reality begins and ends, you could be swept by feelings, and the control you like so much will take a backseat to emotion, at least for this year.

The north node traveling in your sign will also influence you, the influence is very subtle, but can help you think, dream and vision what you would like to be in your next lifetime, ask yourself which traits you would like to keep for your next adventures, and which you would prefer to discard.

Career Horoscope Virgo 2016

2016 is one of your best years for advancement. Now is the time to go for that promotion, to open your business, or to retire from your position and go for your dreams. It is also the year to make those financial commitments that can change your lives: taking a loan for a new business or a new home. Please try and have those in the first half of 2016.

Many of you may see responsibility mounts, and duties increase as you show your capabilities, many of you could find yourselves filling in for other people who cannot perform their jobs for whatever reason, many of you will do a very good job at it.

With so many opposing influences the year will feel a bit like a roller coaster between getting praise and doing well and a few days later feeling worthless and despairing. Remember to have a larger perspective to in the good and the bad moods equally.

Relationships Horoscope Virgo 2016

Overall 2016 is a good year for relationships, expanding your contacts and circles. It is also a good year for fertility.

Single Virgos will be sought after, and will easily find new partners in the early part of the year, from late summer and onwards, you may have to make a commitment to keep your relationships. Attached Virgos will find that their partners need more help than the usual, and that they are needed to help, or to fill in for them in other respects while they deal with their other obligations.

Virgo Astrology Direction for  2016

The best advice for the year is to remember that the energy changes very fast, and if something looks great, it will seem differently in a few weeks, if something seems bad, it will show its gifts faster than you think.

Many of you are very mental, and yet this is a year where faith and feelings will guide you better, it will also be very hard to ignore or dismiss those.

Up until September is the time to expand, widen your reach, and receive gifts from the universe, or enjoy the fruits of years of hard work.



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