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New Moon & Full Moon

New Moon in Capricorn Horoscope: January 11, 2013

The first new moon of 2013 is the New Moon in Capricorn. Its theme is the Capricorn theme: Reward and Punishment, Structure, and ambition.

We, as humans do not understand the reward and punishment mechanism. We see criminals getting away with crimes, we see good people paying dearly for small mistakes, and we do not understand the divine “rules” for those incidents. As an astrologer I meet with many who are undergoing a Saturn transit (Saturn is Capricorn ruler), and find themselves either being punished (loss of home, job, an old debt that ballooned beyond proportion, an ending of a relationship and more). Some are being rewarded: they buy their home, they get married, they do get the promotion – yet all those require responsibility and effort they are not accustomed to. Saturn and Capricorn bring with them long term commitments.  It is up to us to meet those commitments. Saturn, as the lord of karma is in this case the energy that teaches us that we cannot satisfy every whim, that actions have consequences (good and bad). Yet, we are perplexed sometimes when we believe that we have put in the work, we have stood up to our responsibilities and commitments and still get the stick instead of the carrots. These instances can bring out the best in us, making us more compassionate towards ourselves and others.

On the global scale and on the personal scale we will think and try to put some structure into our lives. In the past few years and continuing we see so many of our structures falling apart. The Pluto in Capricorn is wrecking havoc, exposing all the faults in our structures. So many people have experienced the dissolution of their base, their home taken away, their job is unsafe, their savings worth far less than anticipated.

CapricornThis new moon we will all finally start to look for long term solutions. We have all realized that quick fixed do not work. We are entering a new world, and some of us want to get rid of all the old structures, some of us try to hold on to them – yet we need to find that small narrow middle path, where we keep the best structures those that work for us, and change those that don’t. here again the problem is that we are unable to see clearly which systems are right and operational and which are not. Our personal financial situation, as well the global one is the case in point. We know that the banks and other financial institutions are contaminated with greed, short term solutions and do not provide the safety net that we want them to, yet we do not have anything else to replace them with. Now what do we do? Do we get rid of them and see what happens? Do we try and enforce more rules and regulations against human greed? Do we just leave them and hope that they will recover? Many of us will consider those questions regarding the systems in their own private lives.

The next point to consider as part of the Capricorn energy is Ambition. Ambition is what drives us ahead, the very thing that can get the best of us, our best efforts and talents combined towards a distant goal. That very same energy can produce the worst in us, when our ambition blinds us so much that we hurt our family and friends, where we hurt ourselves with constant reminders that we cannot be happy until we get to that elusive goal, and therefore, are never happy.

This new moon will demand something different from each and every one of us: generally those of us that are more rigid, who lead a very strict routine and uphold moral values to the point of no fun in their lives, those will need to become more flexible, allow some humor, tolerance and forgiveness into their lives. Those of us who tend to be very flexible, do not care much about morals, and avoid commitments will need to become more responsible and add some structure into their lives.

The new moon takes place on January 11, 19:43 GMT, 21° of Capricorn.

New moon in Capricorn 2013



The horoscope of the new moon features a heavy emphasis on Capricorn. The Sun/Moon conjunction is in a Sesquiquadrate (135) to Jupiter. This aspect usually points to high expectations that can not materialize. The way to work with this aspect is to become realistic in our expectations, and put in the correct effort to get what we want. The theme of ambition resonates here in this figure. We need to aim to what we can actually get, rather than dream of what we can never get.

Saturn, Capricorn ruler, continues its journey in Scorpio in a positive aspect to Pluto it helps to clear out all the old structures that do not support us anymore. The square to Mars points to the fact that we do get angry about our safety nets being pulled out from under our feet, and that we feel that we need to fight for what is rightfully ours. This resonates with the theme of the past few months of exposing Government systems that simply do not function anymore.

This new moon is a good time to look for long term realistic structures that can support us over longer periods of time. In this new moon we should aim for what we can have if we put in the effort. This is not the time to be neither too rigid nor too flexible.



Element: Earth

Modality: Cardinal

Ruler: Saturn

House: 10th House

Capricorn is one of the hardest signs to understand. Those born under it can be so hard sometimes, they are strict with themselves and others, they are ambitious, they plan ahead and they get there no matter what the price is. They are the managers, the loyal employees, those who keep everybody else within the boundaries and make sure the law of the land is enforced.

CapricornCapricorn energy symbolizes to us the impersonal nature of systems: government, law enforcements, social security, courts…all those places where you become a number (you become your social security number, or your case number in court, etc.)

It sounds harsh but we need those Capricorns and their way of managing us. We need a justice system, we need law enforcements and we came to rely on our Governments and civic systems to provide us with roads, sewage, schools and much more.

Capricorns are reliable, and many of them are good at heart, only they do not know how to show it. They want the world to operate well for all of us who are sharing it, and they are willing to do the hard work that it takes to keep all of us safe and cared for by the large institutions.

In esoteric astrology Capricorn is the sign of ascension, it is in this sign that we learn the lesson of cause and effect, we learn how to serve even if we believe that we are serving our own ambition, we find out that we have served a larger cause along the way. In this sign the life is dedicated to doing the right thing.

The Capricorn energy represents the energy of Authority. Many of us have issues with this energy so let this new moon be the time to become friends with internal and external authority.


New Moons:

New moons are the time for seeding. Find the 21° of Capricorn in your chart by house, this area is ripe for a new beginning, and a show of responsibility and authority.


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