I Do That I Do – The 6th house in Astrology

The 6th house in the horoscope represents your daily chores, or what should be the routine part of life. Under the 6th house we find your health, daily work, mundane chores, and your perception of details. What needs be done before you can experience what your preferences. The 6th house is the last house of the lower … Read more

Full Moon in Cancer Horoscope July 2011

Full Moons are time to reflect, time to celebrate, and time to make friends with the night. Many of our holidays are still celebrated around full moons when the nights are naturally illuminated.  Full Moons are also the time where people get in tune with their deepest feelings, when humanity guides are transmitting the light … Read more

I Am That I Am? The 5th house in Astrology

The 5th house in the horoscope represents your FUN, or what should be the nicer parts of life. Under the 5th house we find your creativity, your unique expression, romance, and children. Houses 1-4 are dealing mostly with a person’s relationship with himself, and his abilities to live in the world at large, the 5th house is … Read more

New Moon in Cancer July 2011

New Moons are a good time to concentrate on seeding. Take a look at your horoscope, locate the 9th degree of cancer and think what you would like to bring in into this area of your life. This is a good time to connect with your shadow, or less known parts of yourself, and communicate. … Read more

Where do I come from? The 4th house in Astrology

The 4th house in the horoscope represents your roots. It is the family environment that you grew up at, it is the family atmosphere that you create in your own family, and yet, it is so much more. Each child is bon with memories of past lives, past experiences, and people with a strong 4th … Read more

Where Am I? The third house in Astrology

  The 3rd house in the horoscope represents your learning and interacting abilities. In the first house you find out who you are, in the 2nd, what you have, and in the 3rd you interact with the world around you. One way to view the 3rd house is to see it as the elementary school years. In … Read more

What’s Mine? The second house in Astrology

The 2nd house in your horoscope represents your assets, your belongings. If the first house is who you are than the 2nd house is what you have. As you live your life you find out that what is yours is up to you. That is why the 2nd house is considered the house of values. … Read more

Who am I? The First House in the Horoscope

The 1st house in a horoscope, is an Active, Cardinal house. It is the house that can indicate your vitality, your outer appearance (tall, short, skinny, large boned), it can also point out your expectations of yourself and of life. How you interact with yourself and with others, it’s the house of your personality and … Read more

Its time for a Solar Return Astrology Chart

What is a Solar Return Chart? Every year, on your birthday, the sun “returns” to the same position in relation the earth as it was when you were born. Astrologers have found out that drawing a chart for the exact moment of the solar return, gives a very good indication on how the next year … Read more


Many people come and ask me if they are creative, in the 2012 astrology and beyond creativity has become the new buzz word, and everybody wants a piece of that, while at the same time so afraid of that. What is creativity? Creativity is within you no matter what, your body heals itself, you do … Read more